Sabi Bio


I was 14 years old when my parents divorced. This fact was mainly impacted on the rest of my life. I dedicated my life to playing football. But regardless I was playing as a semi-pro, I never achieved any big trophy or title. Ten years after my parents split, and the failures of my long football career, I started to work, as a salesman.

But I failed on that field as well. I felt so devastated, became deeply depressed and hopeless. My fears and anxiety slowly started to consume me.

 my lifestyle turned into incontinent going outs, and parties. Could not deal with my situation. And it was just a matter of time when it would turn into worse. A couple of weeks later got my first panic attack, and it was just a beginning. After I faced a massive nervous breakdown. Became mentally ill. Everything was out of control. All I wanted just to finish this game, called life.


Turning Point & PRESENT

I was treated by medicines and doctors, and I was deeply under myself. I was lost. Until one day.

I was in the recovery when my father gave me a book titled How to stop worrying, start living, written by Dale Carnegie.  The words of this book literally, saved my life. Because of Carnegie principles, I started to see my situation differently. Mr Carnegie, and later on other speakers and authors, started to plan more and more seeds in my mind. From that point everything was different.

Consciously I started to work on myself and trying to find the purpose of my life. Slowly, step by step started to rebuild my life from the bottom, and now, here you are…



Might be my story is not the worst you ever heard. I know, millions of people suffer from bigger problems day to day. But I also know, that millions of people out there, who went through similar hard times just like mine, you might one of them.

Aware of that, I founded this program, and I dedicated the rest of my life to help others. June of 2013 I started out as an ambitious speaker, life coach, mentor to help those lost, hopeless people out in the world who went through the same or even worse situations than I had.

I know I can not help everyone, but If will help „only” one person in my life, then I can say:

It was worth it.

Might be you are the ONE.

Doesn’t matter what happened in your past, if you are here on this page, you arrived at your turning point in your life, and your life will never be the same again…

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