Doers Win the Game. DO YOU?

Doers Win the Game. DO YOU?

Doers Win the Game. DO YOU?

Why Taking Action Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do Today?

Hey yo, It’s Sabi here, your GAMECHANGER;)

Listen to me carefully, you have to understand those points.

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While most people seem to be obsessed with taking action, only a small group actually move forward and act. This is a very destructive behavior pattern that is fueled by procrastination and fear to the unknown.Getting out of the infamous comfort zone isn’t a very attractive idea. But that is the only way to grow, and succeed in life.The result? People choose to talk about taking action, instead of applying the knowledge they have and doing the hard work. By the end of their lives, they accomplished nothing. What they did the most was!thinking and daydreaming. Taking action is the most important thing you can do today and there are many reasons for it. Here you have a few.


The Overthinking Trap

When we are not doing, we are thinking. Inactivity naturally drives us to think, looking for reasons and arguments to stay that way. Doing nothing is easy and safe, so our minds will convince us about the perks of inaction. I used to be a big thinker, who was paralyzed by fears all the time, I  was always over thinking the things around me until learned from my mentors, I need to stop this.  If you want to win in life, you need to go beyond the overthinking trap, leaving toxic and procrastinating thoughts behind, is by doing non-stop.

Taking action puts over thinking aside, giving us the freedom to perform and move forward. This is a trap where most people fall into, especially when they are contemplating the reasons why they shouldn’t act. So just do it.

Do not wait for the perfect situation, step into the moment, and make it perfect.

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Doers Win the Game. DO YOU?

When you start getting results in your “game”, is amazing.

Trust me, when I overcame my fears and was constantly taking actions, regardless what they said to me, the fruits of my extremely hard work were ready to pick.

But what makes the significant and notable difference between successful people and the ones who live average lives: successful people have a proactive personality and an action-focused approach, while the others don’t. People who are continuously doing things are the only ones who can actually achieve their goals, no matter how impossible they seem to be.

Taking action changes the circumstances around us, making the game board more dynamic. If you want to be successful, you need a dynamic environment that generates opportunities for you to make the most. Those who stay still, cannot see the opportunities as they become stagnant, isolated from a whole world of opportunities.

There Isn’t Such Thing as the Right Moment

If you are waiting for the right moment to take action, we have you some bad news: there isn’t such thing. While every single life in the world is different, we all have problems and challenges.

The perfect circumstances to do something that will change your life for better will never arrive unless YOU CREATE THEM,



In the moment you realize that this very moment is the only time you have to take action, you simply run out of options. You cannot wait until tomorrow when realized that tomorrow isn’t going to an easier day.

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You Will Never Feel Ready

For some, unfit circumstances are the problem. For others, the real problem is insecurity. But wake up man, there is NO SAFE POSITION in life. So go out there and conquer the world, YOU ARE READY, YOU ARE PREPARED, YOU HAVE ENOUGH SKILLS ALREADY.

If your action plan involves skills, you may be feeling insecure about what you can do in the moment of truth. You may think that learning the theory is easy but practicing it isn’t.

This kind of fear is toxic.

It is. Extremely toxic, believe me. The reason I know this very well, because they destroyed my life, when I had a massive nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and depression, just because I was in an insecure position. In a situation, which was new to me, I was a sales man, in the middle of the financial crisis, imagine… Without the right mindset. This fact made it even more catastrophic. And as the result of the overthinking trap, we mentioned before. But as you see, they could not break me down, indeed, they made me only stronger, and without those experience, I would not be here today.

Nevertheless, you need to realize that you aren’t going to feel “ready” anytime soon. Even the most experienced professionals and entrepreneurs experience the impostor syndrome. Yet, you need to act by having in mind that no one who is successful today was ready at the beginning. Taking action was what made them ready.


If you still not feel ready to play the “game”, then contact me, and I will help you figure it out, and move forward:


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